2018’s Best Smoothies Blender: Which One to Choose?

What makes smoothies so popular these days? If you are a health conscious individual, you already know the answer. Blending fruits and vegetables, individually or all together, is one of the fastest ways to make healthy snacks or on the go meal, especially for those who are in some kind of a diet program.

If you are currently looking for the best blender that will help you make good produced smoothies, here are some tips on how to choose the best smoothie blenders that are available in the market today:

1. The blender must be equipped with a powerful blending motor

One of the most essential components of a blender is its machine; its ability to produce a quality textured smoothie depends on the motor’s ability to pulverize the ingredients and blend them efficiently and can handle tough blending tasks.
The experts recommend choosing a blender with at least 1 HP or horsepower motor.

2. The blender must be equipped with strong blades

The stronger blades you have the faster and quality blending result you’ll get – an important factor in creating smoothies. According to the experts, when choosing the right smoothie blender, the blades must be strong, thick, and made from stainless metal, enough to pulverize almost anything, even the tough ones.

Also, solid metal-based blender blades are more stable than those made out of plastics.

3. The settings it features

It would be nice and useful if you buy a smoothie blender with different setting features; for instance, the speed settings. Having an adjustable setting for speed allows you to control the blender and its result. Also, the speed control allows you to have a better smoothie texture.

Moreover, there are smoothie blenders that are designed with “pulse” button; this button allows you to chop off larger ingredients before blending. Plus, this helps the blade to have a longer life.

4. The container

Is the container easy to clean? Does the container need special care? Is the container free from BPA? These questions are essential when buying any brand of smoothie blender; you have to check even the smallest details.

Make sure to buy a blender that won’t give a hard time cleaning, storing, and maintaining.

5. It should have a warranty

Warranty is your security that the product you are using is guaranteed safe, reliable, convenient, and more importantly, it is durable. According to the experts, “a good blender must come with longer years of product support from the manufacturer.”

To help you more, here are this year’s best smoothie blenders; you may check their reviews for more information about the product:

•    Oster Pro 1200
•    COSORI Smoothie Blender
•    Doctor Hetznel Personal Blender
•    Secura 300W Personal Blender
•    HOMEEASY Personal Blender

Final Thoughts

Blenders are useful kitchen devices that allow you to make your own version of smoothies. However, if you want to get better smoothies result, you have to find the best blender.

Read reliable reviews like this, to help you choose the best one.

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