A Quick Guide on Selecting the Best Beginner Sewing Machine

One thing you must remember when looking for a sewing machine is that not all of the brands of this product available on the market is suitable for all types of sewing. Some sewing machines are built solely for industrial sewing and for bigger projects. But if your purpose of buying a sewing machine is for small projects for newbies, what you need is a sewing machine for beginners.

Browsing for a beginner sewing machine is confusing especially for those with no experience. You have to consider a few things before deciding on a particular product. Doing so will help you to choose the right sewing machine for your project.

Now, if you caught yourself in trouble searching for high quality beginner level sewing machines, here is a quick and simple guide on how to handpick a functional sewing machine.

Ease of Control

As a beginner, it is important to choose a sewing machine that is quick to understand and easy to manage. Some of the computerized sewing machines with control settings that are easy to comprehend are Janome 2212, Singer 7258 and Brother CS600i. Moreover, check for instructional manuals with informative guidelines before buying a sewing machine.


Another tip in searching for a quality beginner sewing machine is to check its durability. Only purchase a sewing machine with a sturdy build that can last for a few years and one that is not prone to breakage. You can identify the durability of a sewing machine by checking its build. Also, reading product reviews will help you to learn more about this aspect of a sewing machine.

Number of Stitches

Each brand of a sewing machine has a different number of stitches. Some sewing machines have 12 built-in stitches whereas others feature up to 60 different stitches like Brother CS600i. The number of stitches a sewing machine has identifies the type of sewing projects you can make. Therefore, if you want to learn various stitching skills, choose a beginner sewing machine with a high number of built-in stitches.


Another aspect you have to consider when searching for a sewing machine is its size and portability. Bulky and heavier sewing machines are more difficult to transport and store. If you are searching for smaller and portable sewing machines, check out the Brother XM2701. This sewing machine is guaranteed high-quality despite its smaller size. Also, it features 27 built-in stitches which is another must-have characteristic of this equipment.

Types of Fabric 

Always remember that not all sewing machines can handle all types of fabric. Some brands are designed to sew thin to medium thick fabrics. But if you are searching for a beginner sewing machine that can handle thick layers of such as denim or canvas, pick out Singer 4423. This sewing machine has a speed of 1100 stitches per minute with 23 built-in stitches. Using this equipment will support you in creating professional-like projects.

Do you need more help in searching for the perfect beginner sewing machine?

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