Different Types of Photography

The art and science of photography have been around since the 1800s. It is a means by which images or photos are produced with the help of light recording and electromagnetic radiation. Photographs produced have also shown great significance in preserving historical and memorable events, as well as important individuals. Photography, however, is not just about capturing photos but also involves photo editing. As time passed by, the field of photography has grown tremendously and improved into what it is now. As the techniques and equipment improved, the different types of photography also started to grow. The different types of photography rely on the purpose of the captured photos.


The first popular type of photography is photojournalistic photography. As the name implies, it is a type of photography that relates to journalism. Meaning, the captured photos are usually used in magazines, newspapers, and the likes. Thus, everything that is captured is based on factual events or incidents. Individuals who specialize in this field are usually experienced since they have to produce a single photo that is full of emotions. Such should also attract people so that readers will be interested in the story that accompanies it. The image produced should, therefore, be narrative, objective, and timely.


Documentary photography, on the other hand, is a type of photography wherein several pictures are captured in order to tell a story. Thus, they are usually used as historical data. Thus, they are more of long-term project and photographers usually follow one storyline only for several years.


Another type of photography is action photography. As can be depicted from the name, it is a type of photography that is used to capture moving objects or subjects. Thus, it is mostly used in sports, as well as in capturing animals. This type usually requires a good set of skills and knowledge since it is very difficult to produce clear images when the subject is moving.


The next type of photography is glamor or boudoir photography. The main purpose of the photos captured in this field is for pin ups and sexy sites and magazines. The photos are captured in a sexy but professional and artful manner. Thus, this type of photography focuses on the art of the human body.


The oldest and most common type of photography is known as portrait photography. Portrait photography is a type of photography wherein an individual and/or an animal is captured on a photograph. Human portraits are usually used for job applications, profiles, and the likes. Animal portraits, on the other hand, are usually used as framed displays in homes, offices, and other facilities.


Another type of photography that is very popular nowadays is travel photography. People who do such usually capture landmarks, historical sites, tourist spots, and the likes. Additionally, a type of photography that is very helpful for individuals in the business sector is advertising photography.

Photographers who do such have the main purpose of making sure that the produced photos will attract consumers or clients. With such in regard, according to Photography Anytime, people should always make sure that they are hiring a photographer who specializes in the type of photo that they need to be produced.

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