Does the Key on Keyboard Matters?

As a new piano student, investing a keyboard piano is a huge leap towards achieving the dream of learning to play this instrument. However, choosing the perfect piano keyboard is not that simple as snapping your fingers. There certain features and specifications of a keyboard that you need to consider before purchasing. Moreover, you have to be careful in selecting the right keyboard for your level to avoid wasting your money.

There wide varieties of piano keyboards; it usually varies in brands, size, style, sound technology, and compatibility. But there is one significant feature that you have to check out before buying a keyboard. That is the keys of the keyboard.

One significant quality of the best keyboard for beginners is the characteristics of the keys. There are cheap keyboards with below standard keys. Such keyboards can affect your learning of the instrument. It may slow down your progress of developing piano skills and learning techniques. Therefore, always take into account the features and qualities of the keys before buying a particular

If you are planning to invest a piano keyboard, here are some reminders you need to check out before purchasing.

Number of the Keys

A traditional acoustic piano has 52 white keys and 36 black keys which equals 88 keys. An 88 keyboard is ideal for professional pianists. It can provide a greater range of sound compared to pianos with lesser number of keys. The problem is an 88 keys keyboard might be difficult for a beginner to handle. For this reason, professional musicians recommend newbies to focus on smaller keyboard pianos with 44 to 76 keys. It will provide you with enough sound range to create music. Moreover, it is much easier to manage and control.

Key Width

There is a standard width to a piano keyboard’s keys. Each key should measure approximately 23 mm wide. This will give your fingers sufficient space to press on particular notes. Keys with the size smaller than the standard width can affect your playing. You can accidentally press on adjacent keys. Hence, narrow keys can ruin the music you are playing on the piano.

Keybed Response

If you have browsed for keyboard buying guidelines, you might have encountered terminologies such as weighted, semi-weighted, velocity, synth and hammer action. A keyboard with weighted and semi-weighted keys offers a similar feel and response like an acoustic piano. A synth action allows the keys to act more like an organ. There is no resistance to keys that you can play it quickly compared to a traditional piano. A hammer action on a key bed features actual mechanical hammer as an acoustic piano does. This key bed action enhances the response of the keys which results in producing a loud sound.

From one of the leading source of piano keyboard reviews online, the top brands for beginners are Yamaha and Casio. These brands are well-known for producing the best piano keyboards in the market. The latest models of these brands offer advanced technology such as MIDI compatibility, computer connectivity, sampler and many more.

You can learn more about these beginner piano keyboards via Piano Keyboard Reviews.

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