Lessons Taken From Winter Survival Stories


Every person has his own unique set of winter survival stories. These stories are not made up but were experienced first-hand. The essence of telling true stories about what happened, when it happened and how it happened is not just to amaze or scare individuals regarding the given stories, but the story usually has a moral lesson out of it.

Try to think that you are very lucky to be one of those people who has survived the really harsh impact brought by winter. Winter survival stories that must not be talked about again are revealed for the sake of greater good and to help people be prepared for the worst during winter.

You may hear tons of stories over the years or have heard one for the first time. This is the reason why out of those winter survival stories, there are some lessons that you must consider. These are listed below:

  • Be prepared.

Winter disasters commonly happen when you are least expecting it. However, when you are prepared with or without experiencing danger of winter, you have the possibility to survive. Most stories have told you that they are not prepared and in your case, you already have a head start on what to do, if the situation somehow happens to you.

  1. Bring portable survival kit that includes first aid, flashlight, ropes, portable shovel, knife, generator, etc. Check out this website for in depth reviews of portable generators.
  2. Being prepared does not mean that you are being paranoid rather you are just ready for what may happen during winter.
  • Be calm and think.

If you are really caught up in a bad winter condition and you are not prepared nor did you bring a winter survival kit with you, just stay calm for a couple of minutes and think what things, tools, equipment and such you can utilize on your current condition.

  • Keep warm.

There are individuals who literally froze to death and there are stories where individuals survived from the havoc of winter. How are they able to survive? They constantly keep their body warm. Being in the actual scenario is no joke at all, but if you aim to live and survive, keeping your body warm is the best option to survive.

  1. Use fire as your primary heat source to warm your body.
  2. Use thick clothing to keep you warm
  3. Share body heat can be also a great option to stay warm.
  • Help one another.

Surviving the devilish winter weather condition with someone, whether it is your family, friends or strangers, is ideal. The important lesson here is to be a team and to survive together. Being a lone wolf will not do great things in surviving the winter except if you are heavily trained to survive the winter, which is impossible. Be a team, cooperate and survive together that is the lesson that most survival stories will tell you.

There are plenty of winter survival stories that have captured many hearts. What’s fascinating about each story in surviving the winter is the lessons that guide each individual to find ways to have hope and aim to survive.

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