Projector Screen Maintenance Guide

Projector screen maintenance is crucial since it enables your screen to last for longer periods of time. You can get the very best affordable projector screens here. It is normal for dust particles to settle on your glass screen. This will definitely affect the screens reflective purpose. The images may appear to be smudged.  It is therefore important to limit and also to clean the area around your screen. Apart from extending your screens, life maintenance will also ensure optimal screen performance.

It is important to factor in the screen type. Screens are cleaned in regards to the manufacturing type. It is therefore important to follow the cleaning instructions for your screen.  There are coated and uncoated screen types. For coated screens, they require more maintenance this is because they are more vulnerable.

For the uncoated screen, you can use a clean damp cloth. This helps you dust off the screen effectively. If the grime proves difficult to remove, you may use a tiny bit of mild liquid soap. Mild liquid soaps are recommended since they are not corrosive. As for the cloth, it is advisable to pick a soft cleaning cloth. The soft cloth will ensure that the screen surface is not scratched while cleaning. Also rinse the cloth regularly with clean water while cleaning.

As for coated screens they are more delicate and need proper handling and care.  The coated screens have a more sophisticated finish. This means that the screen is easier to damage as compared to the uncoated screen. So while cleaning it’s important to factor in the kind of soap you will use. Harsh products such as harsh cleaning detergents. This harsh cleaning product may strip the coating. This will definitely affect the screens reflective ability.

Since delicate care is required, you can brush the skin lightly with a clean microfiber brush. So as to dust the surface and avoid scratching it. By using a telescoping pole to attach the microfiber brush limits the chances of you scratching the screen with your nails or jewelry especially rings. It’s advisable to use the upside down motion to clean the screen. It is also advisable to start cleaning from the left going towards the right side of the screen.

If the cloth gets dirty change immediately. Since dirty clothes will only increase smudginess. After every stroke shake the brush to get rid of the dirt.  After cleaning you need to dry the screen with a clean rag. If left to dry the moist air will affect your screen. Wipe it down immediately and lightly to avoid screen damages.

While cleaning the screen also ensure that you identify the space between the speaker and the screen.  This enables you not to push the screen towards the speaker where it may be scratched.

You also need to store your projector if portable in a clean place. A place where it will accumulate the least amount of dust. With this constant maintenance, your screen will be able to maintain its performance for a prolonged period of time.

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