The Crystal Décor Himalayan Salt Lamp

When looking for home decorations, one may have encountered, perhaps caught one’s attention by, these lamps that look like glowing chunks of white rock. These are actually large chunks of salt and have a light bulb underneath as a light source. They are called Salt Lamps, and yes, they are really attractive. These lamps are not just good for home decorations, but they also claim to give health benefits to users as well.

There are many salt lamps out in the market with different designs, but the Crystal Décor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps are definitely one of the most attractive salt lamps available today, and here’s why:


Most salt lamps come with a design where the huge chunk of salt sits on top of a flat wood base. Although it has its own style and allure, it is becoming more common. The Crystal Décor salt lamps, however, are different in its style and design. The salt chunks are smaller and are placed inside a 5x5x5 basket.

The basket is made from metal and has many designs to choose from. Some of the designs include stars, leaves, snowflakes, and many other patterns, making it more attractive. When the light bulbs are turned on, it is easy to appreciate the patterns that are cut out of the box, adding to its appeal. The basket does not only hold the chunks of salt, but also protect them from outside forces, preventing them from breaking.


The metal basket is a genius design of the lamp. It effectively holds the salt in place while protecting it from breaking into smaller pieces by accidental movements.

The Crystal Décor Salt Lamp comes with a cord with a dimmer switch. This means that the brightness coming from the bulb can be adjusted from high to low setting, depending on what the situations needs. The salt lamp does not only serve a decorative purpose, but it also does its job well as a lamp.

The light coming from the lamp gives a warm and calming amber glow, creating a relaxing environment around the home. However, a known issue on this kind of salt lamp is that, even at the highest brightness setting, the light coming from it is not bright enough as the average lamp. But because of this, the lamp is able to create a low and calm light, which is great for relaxing and creating an environment conducive for sleeping.

The lamp, when set up, weighs about 6 pounds, which makes it easy to carry.

Health Benefits

The Crystal Décor Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp is not only attractive in its appearance, but it also gives many health benefits to people inside the home. Salt lamps claim to have air purifying and deodorizing properties. The salt draws in the water molecules that has dust and other air particles and traps them in the salt, resulting in a fresher and clean air inside the home. Salt lamps are also said to enhance mood and invigorate people when exposed to high concentrations of negative ions, which are given off by the salt when heat up.

In terms of performance, the lamp may not be the best option, but when it comes to the design and level of attractiveness, this Crystal Decor Himalayan salt lamp may be the right choice.

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