This Post Will Help You Get Necessary Information You Need To Know About Tweezers

There is so much you should know about tweezing. In this post, you will come across some of the necessary information you need to know about tweezing. Tweezing is beyond plucking of hair. Your removal of hair is aimed at attaining a perfect arch. Mostly, the procedure is done of eyebrows. The user must be ideal to get a perfect eyebrow.

A pair of tweezer removes unwanted hair and shapes eyebrows. The method has been around for so many years. In modern times, other methods have emerged, but tweezing remains. Tweezing method is not going to be phased out soon. That’s why you still need practical skills on how to use this critical tool.

After practicing to use tweezers for some time, you will realize you are using a shorter time than before. The following guide will help you in learning the tweezing process;

  • Choose the correct tweezer. There are many types of tweezers usable in different parts.
  • Choose the best time for tweezing. Mostly, tweezing should be after showering. The hair is soft at that time, and the follicles are open. You will have an easy time in tweezing.
  • You can apply numbing gels. The numbing gel reduces the pain.
  • Use a regular mirror in place of the house that is well-lit. avoid using magnifying mirrors that make you think there is a lot of hair to tweeze.
  • Outline the shape you want to achieve. You can use a pencil to highlight the limits. In the end, you should a perfectly natural look.
  • Apply anti-inflammation cream. The cream will reduce the after tweeze effects like redness.
  • After tweezing you can style the eyebrows using a brow brush.
  • Fill in all the noticeable blanks using a pencil. The pencil used should have a color lighter than the hair color.
  • Allow the hair to grow before the next tweezing. You will be able to notice the natural pattern. You will be able to see and avoid overplucking in the future tweezing.

What to Look for in a Pair of Tweezer?

The tip is a tweezer is very small, yet it’s very essence. In determining what type of tweezer to use, you look at the tip. Slanted-tip tweezers are used for diverse tweezing. Pointed tweezers are used for ingrown hair. Tweezers with large square tips are used for tweezing in large areas.

The grip determines the application of a tweezer. When you buy a tweezer, and you are not comfortable with the grip, you can enhance it. You can look for large grip tweezers, or you can use tweezers with scissor-like handles. When the grip is right, you use less power to perform the tweezing task.

Ensure the skin and the hair is prepared for the plucking. When your body is ready, you experience less pain. Also, use the right plucking technics to avoid over plucking.

The area you are tweezing from should be comfortable and well lit. There should be a mirror you can monitor your activity.


Apart from using a tweezer, it would help if you had pencils, brushes, and powders for the styling of the eyebrows.

Always ensure you have two pairs of tweezers with you — one couple for general tweezing, and another for medical attention.

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