Types Of Gun Safes

It is the sole responsibility of every firearm holder to use a gun appropriately and store it safely when not in use. The most common reasons for this is to keep it away from thieves, unauthorized access and getting damaged as a result of environmental factors. The best way to give ultimate protection to a gun is by investing in a quality gun safe. There are many types of gun safes that are available in the market today. Here are some of the most common ones;

Biometric gun safes

These type of gun safes are considered among the most secure gun safes in the world today. You just have to place your hand in a biometric scanner to read your fingerprints so that you can access your gun. It is impossible have more than one person having a particular fingerprint hence making this gun safe the most secure. You can consider purchasing this awesome biometric handgun safe for your handgun.

Electronic Lock Gun Safe

The locking system of this kind of safe is made of a keypad and at times even a screen. The safe prompts the owner to enter a unique code known only to him and the people that have been authorized to access it. It has the option of resetting the code if you suspect an unauthorized person has gotten a hand to your code.

Wheel and Pin Combination Safe

This is a traditional safe that involves revolving a wheel to three distinct numbers that acts as a passcode. They are the most resistant to disaster. Their major shortcoming of this type of safe is that if the passcode is comprised of close numbers you might accidentally skip to the next one thus making the process tedious.

Key Lock Gun Safe

These safes usually have a lock and the user has the key. The system is very reliable. The main problem is that on losing the key, the lock experiences the risk of unauthorized access. If you experience such a situation, it is recommended to call a locksmith to exchange the lock and give u a new set of keys.

Multiple Lock Gun Safe

This type of safe has a two locking system. The model you acquire can enable you to use both of the systems concurrently or independent of each other. Most common of lock integration is the keypad and biometric system.

Fireproof Gun Safes

Most of this type of gun safes are made out of steel which will require extreme temperatures to melt the safe and destroy your gun. Water is also another harmful element to your firearm. So, in cases of floods, only waterproof safes will be able to secure your precious gun. For the unpredictable weather conditions, it is advisable to secure guns safes that are both waterproof and fireproof.

Hidden Safes

This kind of safe enables you to secure your gun safes from the eyes of the public. Your safe can mimic another furniture that is in your house. You can place it behind mirrors or picture frames to prevent attracting attention.

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